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FontExpert 2015

Version 13.0 Release 1, August 28, 2015.


1. New: Library view.
2. New: Quick search box to search for font by font name.
3. New: Add To Library feature. Only unique fonts are added to library.
4. Enhanced: Backup/Restore.
5. Enhanced: Export Tags/Import Tags.
6. Enhanced: Overall performance.


7. Many fixes and enhancements.


FontExpert 2014

Version 12.0 Release 2, December 7, 2013.


1. New: Short cuts in Groups and in Worklist are now displayed in the Main View also as short cuts.
2. New: Option: "Open the Latest Worklist on Startup" (in drop-down menu on the toolbar of Worklist view).
3. New: Main View - Report list: OpenType fonts are now distinguished in the "File Type" column, it displays "OpenType/TT font" and "OpenType/CFF font" for OpenType fonts. "Character Sets" column displays the list of character sets in the font. "Character Set ID" column has been removed.
4. New: "Font Type" property of a font in Windows Fonts view in (Properties view) - displays OpenType/CFF and OpenType/TT for OpenType fonts.
5. New: Main View - sort criteria was reset to default "Sort by File Name" for each new folder. Now selected sort criteria is preserved during FontExpert session.


6. Fixed: Updating states of font groups when a font is installed from a short cut.
7. Fixed: Sorting in columns (Main View - Reports list).
8. Fixed: ZIP files are now not shown in the Folders tree.
9. Other minor fixes and enhancements.


FontExpert 2013

Version 12.0 Release 1, June 11, 2013.


1. Floating font samples.
2. Font samples in Report list of the Main View.
3. Export Tags, Import Tags.
4. File name format in Rename Font Files window.
5. Custom icon for OpenType/CFF fonts.
6. Light and Dark themes.
7. Go to Folder dialog. Folder history bar is now hidden by default.


8. Database - support to folder and file names with Unicode symbols not present in current ANSI code page.
9. More quick start and other performance enhancements.
10. Integrated language pack - additional language resources are now included in setup.


11: Fixed crash during Find Files or Create Library (under some conditions).
12: Fixed hanging up on startup in Windows 7 x64 (under some conditions).


FontExpert 2011

Version 11.0 Release 5, March 22, 2013.

1. Hanging on startup in Windows 7 64-bit, gray splash window remains on screen, the second start is successful (attempt to fix this issue).
2. Redraw of font counters in Details group of Task Panel.

Version 11.0 Release 4, February 24, 2013.

1. Groups view - selecting items with Ctrl and Shift (an issue in previous release).
2.FontExpert does not start or starts with a big delay under some conditions.

Version 11.0 Release 3, October 16, 2012.

1. Splash screen.

2. German resources DLL (better translation).

3. Slow start under some conditions.

Version 11.0 Release 2, April 17, 2012.

1. Tags - support to assigning tags to font files located in a network directory.

2. Export to HTML - "Incorrect format of template file" error.
3. Create Library - program could crash on the last stage of library creation if the list of files is too long.

Version 11.0 Release 1, November 7, 2011.

1. Support to multiline face sample text in the Main view.
2. Support to Unicode-named fonts (for example, Asian fonts in non-Asian version of Windows).
3. Option to turn off info-tips in the Main view.
4. Full Name property of Type 1 fonts in Properties view.
5. Database Search - search by Caption.
6. Backup - the backup file now can exceed 4 GB and can include more than 65535 files in archive (Zip64 extensions has been enabled).

7. Find Fonts: Sorting long list of files by a click to column header may take too much time (if big number of items are selected).
8. Find Fonts: Sorting by "Is Unicode" column.
9. Database tags were copied incorrectly if the copied files were renamed on file name collision (in Windows 7).
10. Groups - deactivating multiple selected groups having "gray" state: only the first "gray" group was deactivated.
11. Error that may cause program crash on a font with some rare properties.

12. Tags view - show vertical scroll bar when needed.
13. Black theme (Seach Database, Tags).

14. Old style themes has been removed (Office 2000, etc).

FontExpert 2010

Version 10.0 Release 5, May 14, 2010.

1. Program icon.
2. Save/Load Workspace - save/restore the layout of docking panes.
3. Compare font samples (preview duplicates) in Find Fonts window.
4. "Embedding" and "Is Unicode" columns in the Main view and in Find Fonts window.
5. "Font contains all the glyphs" advanced search option in Find Fonts window.
6. Renaming folders in Folders view.
7. Displaying properties of multiple selected items (for Folders view items displayed in the Main view).
8. "Add font information to database" menu command in the Main view.
9. Database Maintenance: "Remove All Unlinked Files" button.
10. Database Maintenance: Files and folders counters.
11. Progress bar in Find Fonts window.

12. Reordering columns, save order and column widths in the Main view.
13. Save view type of the Main view (thumbnails, details, etc.)
14. Items in Folders view and Groups view are inserted more quickly.
15. Default algorithm of selecting preferred duplicates in Find Fonts window.
16. Results view in Find Fonts window.
17. Missing Fonts Loader plug-in will search for fonts in Groups more quickly if a font was added to DB.
18. Icon for TTC fonts.
19. FontExpertKnownFonts.xml has been updated; now includes the information about Windows Vista and Windows 7 fonts.
20. Other new features and improvements.

21. DB Search was not able to find fonts that were copied to Font Library.
22. Program crash during drag and drop in Groups view.
23. Create Album failed to create font samples if the font samples property page was not displayed at least once.
24. Program stopped responding after deletion of a folder which files were displayed in Worklist.
25. Crash in HTML Album when creating more than 4000-5000 font samples.
26. Crash when HomeGroup item was selected in Folders view (Windows 7).
27. Restore from Backup (Vista) - fonts were copied to Fonts folder but not installed in registry.
28. Raster fonts (.FON) with OS/2 resource type were not recognized.
29. Empty folders in Groups view were displayed with [+] button.
30. Groups view: now folders are sorted/displayed above neighboring fonts in the list.
31. Other minor fixes.

FontExpert 2009

Version 10.0 Release 4, October 2, 2009.

1. Fixed: Program may start slowly (or Groups view was opening slowly) with several thousands of folders displayed in font groups.
2. Enhanced: Performance enhancements.

Version 10.0 Release 3, March 19, 2009.

1. Fixed: Program crash in Groups after drag-drop or cut/paste fonts from non-empty to empty group. The error can be reproduced in versions 8.0, 9.0, and 10.0 Releases 1 and 2.
2. Enhanced: Minor performance enhancements.

Version 10.0 Release 2, March 5, 2009.

1. Enhanced drawing when scrolling fonts in the Main view.
2. Fixed: Printing Fonts - printed output moved up and left after printing each page.
3. Fixed minor issue: Backup reminder displayed reminder message again on the day of the last backup.
4. Support to new application language: Czech.

Version 10.0 Release 1, December 14, 2008.

New features:
1. Create Font Library feature classifies fonts and organizes folders by font family classes.
2. Backup/Restore FontExpert database (with keywords and categories) and Font Groups.
Allows to exchange backup between XP and Vista computers.
3. New printing and print preview with customizable reports.
4. Enhanced Export to HTML feature creates A-Z html album, supports drop shadow in font samples.
5. Search by Panose properties, by Family Style, Width, Weight, Monospaced properties,
by Foundry, by Vendor ID in Database Search view. Search for Panose matches menu command (search for similar fonts).
6. Better performance when processing large number of fonts.
7. "Foundry" and "Vendor ID" columns in the main view (Details view type).
8. "Family Style" column in Find Fonts... results list and in the Windows Fonts view.
9. Better detection of Windows font source files (Show Source Files of Windows Font)
10. Support to raster fonts (.fon) created in new Portable Executable File Format.
11. Anti-aliased drawing of font samples.
12. "Sort by" context menu command (sort by Foundry, By Location, etc.) in the main view.
13. Fixed: Macintosh OpenType/TrueType fonts with the only Macintosh character set
were previewed incorrectly and were drawn as Arial.
14. Other enhancements.
15. Minor issues were fixed.
16. Now FontExpert does not require to start it "As Administrator" on Windows Vista and Windows Vista x64 Edition.

FontExpert 2007

Version 9.0 Release 6, November 30, 2008

1. Fixed: Tools/Options pages were not displayed correctly with "Large Fonts" system display setting.
2. Minor issues.

Version 9.0 Release 5, March 26, 2008

1. In some cases FontExpert started slowly in network environment.
2. Minor issues.

Version 9.0 Release 4, January 19, 2008

1. Disabled icons on toolbars may be displayed as black.
2. FontExpert may display error-log dialog at the next start after Windows restart (although there were no errors).
3. Text Samlpe may not save custom text for "My Text Sample" when the view losses input focus. Version 9.0 Release 3, December 4, 2007 Fixed:
1. FontExpert may enter endless loop after deletion of a folder in Folders view.
2. FontExpert incorrectly allowed to give folder a name with the space character at the end.
3. Copying lots of fonts from one folder to another may take a long time.
4. After moving a font to a new folder the main view scrolled to the top of listing.
5. Starting drag and drop operation in the main view cleared the selection in the listing.
6. Other minor issues.

Version 9.0 Release 2, October 29, 2007

New Features:
1. Minor enhancements in DB Search view
(And/Or conditions for keywords and categories).
2. Support to Italian language resources.

Version 9.0 Release 1, May 26, 2007

1. New Features:
Tags View - assign keywords, categories, ratings and captions to selected fonts;
DB Search View - search fonts by font name, keywords, categories or ratings;
Folders View with win explorer-style browser;
Fonts View can display font samples of arbitrary size in many columns (replaces former Font Faces view and Files view);
Groups view now can display all fonts within group folder and its subfolders;
Find Fonts enhancement - compare glyph data when searching for duplicates;
Drag and Drop font files between Folders and Fonts views;
New reports - Text Sample printed in 2 or 3 columns;
2. Many errors reported for version 8.0 have been fixed.

FontExpert 2006

Version 8.0 Release 5, May 8, 2007

Fixed critical error: Program may crash on raster .FON file having no file version information.

Version 8.0 Release 4, February 24, 2007

Fixed: Can't install/uninstall PS fonts in Vista x64 edition.
Fixed: Printing: Program may crash when prints or previews a lot of fonts and Condensed or Text Samples report is selected.
Fixed: Copy as Vector Image feature copied incorrect symbol if it's Unicode # was greater than 255. The algorithm used to draw the vector image has been enhanced.
New feature: Copy as Vector Image with design points.
The support to Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0 has been discontinued. (Use earlier versions of FontExpert.)

Version 8.0 Release 3, January 30, 2007

New features: Support to Portuguese language; "Embedding Rights" property of OpenType and TrueType files (displayed in Properties view).
Fixes: Drawing errors in "Views on Tabs" workspace mode with unpinned docking views.

Version 8.0 Release 2, November 10, 2006

Fixes the error: Previewed Type 1 bold style fonts appear as italic fonts.

Version 8.0 Release 1, August 10, 2006

New features:
- Activate Fonts Temporarily command
- Group states and font states in Groups and Font Faces view
- All Defined Characters selection in Characters Table view
- Kerning in Text Sample view
- Missing Fonts Loader Plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS2
- Support to font Family names and font Versions was enhanced in many places
- Go to Source File command
- Show Source Files and Show Kerning Pairs commands
- Startup wizard (for new users)
- Task Panel
- Show Installed Fonts and Show Activated Fonts windows
- Known Fonts XML file (supported in Show Installed Fonts window)
- Many errors (reported for version 7.0) were fixed Version 7.0 Release 4 Fixes critical error: Find Fonts feature may crash the program if one pfb-file in search results has two corresponding pfm-files.

FontExpert 2005

Version 7.0 Release 3, February 4, 2006

Support to Korean language;
Fixed errors: Printing special fields in header and footer, Removing duplicated PostScript fonts from Find Fonts results list.

Version 7.0 Release 2, January 14, 2006

Support to German language;
Fixed error: The parameter is incorrect (East Asian languages).

Version 7.0 Release 1, August 3, 2005

New features:
Search for duplicates, search for corrupted and incomplete fonts, Advanced search options; Export Fonts to HTML page feature; Font Faces view can display custom samples, supports font smoothing (anti-aliasing) and Unicode; Text Sample window supports Unicode; Rename Font Files feature; One-click installation of selected fonts; Uninstall to Group feature; Workspace views now are docking panes; Other new features; Many defects were fixed.

FontExpert 2004

Version 6.0, May 25, 2004

FontExpert 2003

Version 5.0, October 10, 2002

FontExpert 2002

Version 4.0, October 10, 2002

Version 3.1, March 25, 2002

FontExpert 2000

Version 2.0, July 13, 2000.

Version 1.0, December 27, 1999

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