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Font management: workflow advice

Postby awald » Wed Jun 11, 2008 6:10 am

I have several questions in regard to your software, please.

Unless I am missing something, I see that you do not distinguish between the fonts actually installed into the Windows Fonts folder and the ones you create the shortcuts for. This seems inconvenient. It would be good to see in the interface where an installed font actually resides.

What do I do in a situation when I have two (or more) computers? Should I have my font collection and database synchronised between all of them? What happens if I want to move some of the files in my collection when they are already installed? I can’t ("files in use") and it seems I have to deinstall them first.

Yet, I see no easy way to remove only the files installed by FontExpert or only the files installed using the shortcuts. So, I am having to look at the Fonts folder and deinstall the files one by one. By the way, is it OK to delete the shortcuts from there directly?

Will it be easier to force FontExpert to copy the files into the Windows Fonts folder (how?)? But then FontExpert will keep creating redundant backups every time I want to deinstall, right?

Please advise,

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Postby awald » Wed Jun 11, 2008 6:22 am

Also, do I understand correctly that even when moving font files in the FontExpert interface, the database information is not updated and the linking to the files is lost?

If so – what are the recommended strategies for organising the files in the collection? It is unrealistic to think that once there they are never moved...
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Postby admin » Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:40 am

FontExpert updateds database information if you move or copy files in Folders view, or move fonts in other FontExpert views. For example, if you drag-and-drop some font which has assigned keywords, the font on new place must keep keywords. (If FontExpert does not update this information an any sityations - it must be qualified as an error. Please let us know.)

The idea to distinguish font location is very nice, we will think how to implement it better and indicate it in font preview.

To synchronize database between two computeers please use our description on this forum:

The following version 10 should include tools for backup/restore and synchronization of database between two computers (at this moment version 10 is in development).
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