please add "Drag-and-drop" feature to 'Font Faces'

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please add "Drag-and-drop" feature to 'Font Faces'

Postby dash » Sat Jul 22, 2006 9:59 am

For me the most annoying thing in FontExpert,
is that there is no way to drag-and-drop selected files from 'Font Faces' menu to desired folders(like any in 'groups menu' or in 'File menu'), or to delete files in 'Font Faces' menu after selecting some.

Sure there are 'add to worklist' or 'add to groups' options, which can help you to do that, but its not very comfortable way to do such simple tasks.
btw, you maybe should correct this:
if you use 'add to groups' option for moving/copying files, FontExpert's focus shouldnt jump in to the destination folder right afterwards, window focus and cursor should stay where they are.
Becouse it really complicates things, if youre trying to sort fonts from one folder.(youll have to go back to that folder, and you have to put your cursor back on the last position/file (if you still remember it lol) to continue the sorting)

And i would also love to see another few features from 'Groups' menu in the 'Font Faces' menu.
Mainly: drag-and-drop, cut, copy and delete. This will make few things MUCH more easier and faster to do.

Thank you!
FontExpert is definitely the best Fontmanager out there, please continue your wonderful work on it.
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Postby dash » Sat Jul 22, 2006 11:55 am

i have also yet another request ^^:
Is it possible to implement "Save current workspace" feature under the Tools menu? Just like the one that photoshop have: under "Window>Workspace>...".
The feature that will allow you to save/load/delete custom workspace layouts.

I alway use different layouts in FontExpert for different actions(browsing/sorting/ & etc.), and currently its really a pain in the a** to move the windows right everytime.
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Postby admin » Sun Jul 23, 2006 2:07 pm

Thank you very much for suggestions, we have put both features for implementation in the following Releases of version 8.0 (after the Release 1 of version 8.0 in August):

1. Drag-n-drop operations in Font Faces view.

2. Saving workspaces (layouts of dockable bars and views).

(In version 8.0 Add to Group window will include a check box that will allow you to turn off the "jump" to the group in which you are adding fonts, and Font Faces context menu will include Delete comand. It seems Copy command also should be added.)

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