split-view for two (or more) workspace sections needed

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split-view for two (or more) workspace sections needed

Postby greenlander » Sat Mar 05, 2005 12:34 pm

first off: this is almost the ultimate font utility and after trying, i'd buy it in a heartbeat if not for two essential features i really need for my workflow:

1. while features like the "font faces" preview and the character table are dockable (alternatively to a tabbed view), the workspace sections (windows fonts, files, worklist, groups) are only available in tabbed view. why? :-)

2. anti-aliased previews of fonts are essential (see my reply to the previous request posting).

:arrow: here's why: the essential "mini-workflow" for font-selection within my (and probably most pros') design workflow is... (1) browse my font files for the fonts i know and prefer (if time is short) or for unused and fresh-looking fonts (if time permits)... (2) preview and compare the fonts in question... (3) decide on a (tiny) shortlist and install a project-specific group (linking, not copying files, of course ) :wink: (4) work with this shortlist in my design app (PS or whatever)...

:!: for (1) and (2), anti-aliased previews are essential. no AA means "blind" installing of the fonts in question and trial-and-error in my design app... a real time waster!

:!: for (3) and (4), side-by-side views (or split views) of the files and groups workspace lists would be much more efficient: d'n'd (back and forth if need be) is so much quicker, more intuitive and more accurate if you can see both the source (file) and the target (group).

:!: increased work speed :arrow: less time used :arrow: more profit! :twisted:

cheers, GL

Postby support » Sun Mar 06, 2005 4:05 am

Most of views in version 6.0 display fonts with font smoothing options set in Control Panel/Display Properties. But Font Faces view has not supported font smoothing for previewed font files.

We have implemented antialiased output in the following version 7.0 (for this moment, July 2005, this version is in last stage of development).

Docking of all workspace views will also be a feature of version 7.0.
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