Suggestion for Detect Font Problems window

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Suggestion for Detect Font Problems window

Postby engine996 » Wed Aug 10, 2005 11:36 am


Is-it possible to add a button in the Detect Font Problems window to show only the fonts with problem (Could be a check mark).

Undo button could be very useful too, if a user remove a font by mistake.

In the Find Fonts module is it possible to search into sub folder to locate PFM instead on indicated that fonts are missing when scaning for fonts.

E.g.: All my fonts are located like this C:\font (for all PFB) and C:\font\PFM (for all PFM)

Thanks ![/i]

Postby support » Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:03 am

We have added this suggestion to our "to do" list (filter button to display only problem fonts in Detect Font Problems window).

Actually Cancel button already works like Undo. All changes in Installed Fonts window are applied when you press OK.

FontExpert recognizes .PFM files located in \PFM subfolders,
for example, c:\MyFonts\font.pfb and c:\MyFonts\PFM\font.pfm files are detected as a pair. Find Fonts window is significantly enchanced in version 7.0, so please just have a look at version 7.0.
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