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Why we use activation scheme...


We apologize for this additional inconvenience, the requirement to activate program on every computer.

Although activation keys is a part of common technology used in many shareware applications, we feel that we must explain why we use activation scheme.

We can not distribute Photo Manager Professional for free. The health of our small company (and the future of Photo Manager) completely depends on you, Our Registered Users. Every day we feel support from our registered users who purchase the program and make investments in future versions of Photo Manager.

As many other shareware companies, we suffer from piracy, and some time ago we decided to use activation keys instead of universal registration keys because of the following reason.

There are accidents when computer hackers purchase Photo Manager with stolen credit cards and immediately publish the license key on public domain. Activation scheme give us the opportunity to block these stolen license keys and eliminate piracy usage of our software.

Thank you in advance for understanding!

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